Photo credit: Shelly Boyd

Sn̓ʕaýckstx Confederacy

The future of Sinixt governance

Now that our aboriginal rights have been restored in Canada, how will we shape our future governance in our territory? Who is Sinixt, and who decides?

We presented evidence at court that demonstrates an unbroken cultural identity, across many generations. For those Sinixt born on the Colville Tribe reservation, identity is marked clearly on our tribal ID card: “Arrow Lakes.” The label confirms what we know about ourselves from the beginning: We are Sinixt. We are Lakes.

The Sinixt Confederacy was formed to welcome all Sinixt people home. No matter where Sinixt people have found refuge and community over the past century or more, we want to bring everyone back together, in a manner consistent with our laws and traditions.

Check back here for more updates in the near future.

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