Photo credit: Keith Williams

Conservation Partnerships

Lynx Resortation

Together with Conservation Northwest, the Sinixt and the CCT fish and wildlife department are working to restore lynx to their natural, transboundary habitat. Learn more here.

Lynx Release

Watch this stunning, slow motion video of a lynx being released into the wild.

Black Camas production

Together with the Kootenay Native Plant Society and the City of Castlegar, we are working to raise local awareness of this important, blue-flowering root crop that our people called “the plant of plenty.” We cultivated extensive fields of the important root prior to agriculture and reservoir flooding. Recent research confirms that Sinxit women encouraged this sustainable food supplies in many ways.

Transboundary Caribou preservation

Learn more here about this important four-legged native that once thrived in the thousands in our temperate rainforest territory. Please help us protect this dwindling species.

Woodland caribou
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