Photo credit:  Amy Allcock

Ethnohistorical Report

The Province of British Columbia has worked directly with the Sinixt to complete this ethnohistorical report. Ethnohistory complements Sinixt oral history, drawing on sources from European explorers, early settlers and mapmakers, to provide insight into the life and culture of the Sinixt.

Much of the information contained in this report played a foundational role in the landmark 2021 Desautel Decision, confirming that the Sinixt are an Aboriginal Peoples of Canada. It focuses on 1811-1846, the material time period under Canadian law for Sinixt Aboriginal rights and title claims.

Please note that while the report is marked “confidential” (in line with government protocol), it uses publicly available, previously-published information. We, the Sinixt, have confirmed with the Province that we intend to make all our ethnohistorical information accessible to the public, as part of the reconciliation process.

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